Postdoc position 2023

There is an open postdoc position for my topic, see the faculty page for more information, topic 8-4. Application deadline is 15th June!

Repetitions in Morphic Languages Generated by a Recognizable Morphism

Recognizable, or circular, morphisms are defined by the existence of a bound on length of factors they generate (in the terms of an D0L-system or HD0L-system) which, when attained, allows a unique preimage to be found. This bound is thus useful in many algorithm working with languages generated by a morphism, including the known algorithm to calculate the larges exponent that appears in such language for non-erasing morphisms. This research topic plans to entail on this problematic by analyzing the relation of existence of repetitions in such a language and recognizability/circularity of morphism with the goal of understanding maximal (critical) exponent in such a language and its infimum, possible over a some specific class of morphic languages, such as generated by uniform or bifix-free morphisms.